Modern communities are diverse and increasingly specific in their interests, and that’s changing how we relate to each other.
Episode 5

The Digitized Adventurer

Adventurers from across Canada are using technology to plan their next hike, bike and sail with people who enjoy the outdoors as much as they do. In this episode you’ll meet a group of adventure seekers who capture their experiences digitally to inspire Canadians to join them and bond over more than just a like.

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Episode 6

The Ring Finder

A Vancouver man has sparked a global community of love through his metal detector and a smartphone. He's helping reconnect people with their lost jewelry; rekindling romances and restoring precious memories.

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Episode 7

It Takes a Village

Village is a one-of-a-kind brewery and TELUS customer in Calgary that’s focused on giving back a significant portion of their bottom line to the community. The brewery and its 50 beer barons are now a colourful part of the fabric of Calgary’s spirit.

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Episode 8

Pat Christie’s SPACE

Growing up in the supportive community of Wildwood, Calgary, Pat often reflects on his childhood, and thinks about how lucky he was to have had spaces to play, to create, and to gather. Now, living in Vancouver, he has created a remarkably inclusive space for people to come together, be inspired, and bring ideas from their imagination to life. He calls it SPACE.

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Episode 10

Crowdfunding Montreal

What if you could help shape your city with startup funding provided through a local fanbase? The idea behind Montreal-based La Ruche’s Proximity crowdfunding platform is that if you have the passion, the drive and a killer business idea for your region, you can make it happen with the help of technology and your community.

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Episode 20

Thousands of Lights

We take you behind the scenes in Kelowna for the making of our Holiday Lights surprise, where our TELUS team brightened up the holidays for a family who needed some extra cheer this season.

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Episode 21

Andre’s Words

In Andre’s darkest hours, he turned to spoken word poetry to #RiseAbove the bullies in his high school years. Today, his words are inspiring other young people who have been bullied to heal, to love and to spread their own positive messages to the world.

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