Digital health is breaking down barriers between doctors and patients to create better outcomes for everyone.
Episode 1

The Hope Necklace

Alicia’s sadness led to a long struggle with mental health issues. Using the power of hope, she decided to help herself by helping other young people make better connections.

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Episode 2

No Place Like Home

Dorothy has always been everyone’s aunt in the remote Northwest Territories town of Fort Resolution, so when she’s diagnosed with cancer, the last thing she wants to do is leave home. Digital health technologies are helping small communities like Dorothy’s stay connected to big city services.

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Episode 3

DIY Medical Clinic

After years of relying on part-time doctors and mostly remote care, Gabriola island residents banded together to build a health facility with their own hands.

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Episode 4

The Power of Memories

The Power of Memories investigates how we’re getting closer to understanding Alzheimer’s through brain research, and how capturing our photos and stories can help us preserve the memories we have now.

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Episode 9

Farm to Doorstep

Without connectivity and a fast network, the locally-minded, small food delivery company,, simply wouldn’t be in business. Using Instagram and online booking services, they’ve connected with customers across the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, and have shipped thousands of meals since opening their virtual doors early in 2017.

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Episode 11

Gamifying ADHD

Family life can be chaotic at the best of times. Add ADHD or other learning disabilities to the mix and it can be tough for families to get through a regular day. Brili is an app that empowers parents and children through its real-time daily activity guide, monitoring and fun reward system. Kids stay motivated and on track while parents see positive improvements, less negativity and lower stress, both at home and at school.

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Episode 23

Baby Data

Tracking and storing your newborn’s growth and health information can be overwhelming. Watch how TELUS is using technology to alleviate parenting stress with the new TELUS Baby Health app. Say goodbye to paper-based record-keeping forever.

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Episode 25

Health on Wheels

We know Canadians care deeply about improving access to healthcare. TELUS is taking that passion and using our network and technology resources to bring new medical services to the most vulnerable members of our communities through mobile health clinics. The Montreal Mobile Health Clinic, powered by TELUS Health, was the first to launch in 2015. Today, TELUS is supporting the national expansion of the Health for Good™ program through the launch of the Victoria Mobile Health Clinic, powered by TELUS Health.

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