Farm to Doorstep

Without connectivity and a fast network, the locally-minded, small food delivery company,, simply wouldn’t be in business. Using Instagram and online booking services, they’ve connected with customers across the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, and have shipped thousands of meals since opening their virtual doors early in 2017.

Korean Steak and Salad with Sticky Rice

Wash, chop, grate, measure, pour, stir, sauté, serve, enjoy. Making a simple meal taste great is what FUUD does every day.

Download the recipe for this tasty dish.

Cajun Chicken with Cippolini Onions

Simplicity in food starts with fresh ingredients delivered to your front door.

Get cooking with this delicious recipe.

Q&A with Chef Michael Winning

Photo of Michael WinningMichael Winning, culinary director with, was born and raised in Vancouver but spent years trekking up the Sunshine Coast to visit his grandparents, who ran a fishing resort and restaurant. It was during those early morning fishing expeditions with his grandfather and afternoon siftings of pastry flour with his grandmother that Michael realized his calling as a food artist.

Q. When people experience one of your signature dishes, what makes it notable?

A. I’ve been cooking for 20 years and I still love what I do. My cooking foundation was established by my grandparents. Specifically my grandfather, a savoury chef, was British but grew up in India and Pakistan. So, he often experimented with spices and flavours accustomed to that part of the world. I was taught by him to freely infuse spices like curry and cumin in our fish dishes. My grandmother, a pastry chef, brought an element of sweet to my grandfather’s spice combinations. So, often you’ll find those flavours blending into the daily recipes that I create for

Q. Where have your culinary skills taken you throughout your career?

A. Almost 17 years ago I worked in a remote fishing resort only accessible by helicopter. During one of the summer fishing seasons, a well-heeled family that founded a well-noted fast food corporation fell head over heels with my cooking. They offered me a job to travel with and cook for them in Florida, Chicago and wherever their private yacht would take them. That experience led me into the world of becoming a private chef for several billionaire families from around the world.

For 15 years I travelled, learned different cultures and cuisines and received business mentoring from many of the families I worked for. With unlimited resources, it was virtually impossible to make a bad dish. In fact, I was able to play with flavours and reinvent myself and my cooking nearly every day.

Q. Why did you join

A. Just over a year ago I felt like it was the right time to leave my life as a travelling private chef and return home to Vancouver. I joined as their culinary director and chef and now I get the opportunity to create recipes and source organic ingredients every day. I also love that I get to insert my business acumen into the logistics and food planning for the business. The team is truly remarkable and none of our skills overlap; we complement each other.

Q. How do you use technology in your work?

A. We use social media to send out recipes and inspire people to eat well. But, specifically for my work, I use a Slack account to collaborate on flavours, sourcing and cooking techniques. Where it’s been most helpful is in our warehouse logistics. I’m always asking myself how we can get the best product to our customers with the lowest environmental and cost impact.

Q. How do you get inspiration for so many daily recipes?

A. Our online network of customers and other people in the industry inspire a web of new ideas for food every minute. We’re all trying to figure out how to grab the customer by their taste buds. The amazing thing about being a chef is that great cuisine translates to everyone. So, it’s my goal to find that path to the heart of each customer through their stomach.

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