There are endless places to start creating a healthier planet for everyone, and many people are already doing the work to get there.
Episode 12

Big Nature. Big Data.

We’re helping organizations like the Nature Conservancy of Canada use communications technology to collect and interpret information about species and their habitats to boost conservation efforts. That big data is shining a bright light on the Canadian landscape and changing the way we connect to nature.

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Episode 13

Canada in 150 Hours

What would you do if your mission was to experience as much of Canada as possible in 150 hours to celebrate our country's 150th birthday? TELUS producer, Andrew Millard, takes us on a coast-to-coast adventure to meet people who love where they live, give where they live and are proud to be Canadian.

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Episode 14

How Green is your Cloud?

As TELUS and other organizations build facilities to support our growing data consumption, we’re looking at how these complex technology centres can be built to be sympathetic to the environment and native species.

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Episode 15

Think Global. Plant Local.

Native trees, plants, roots and soil make it possible for life to happen on Earth. TELUS is helping organizations like WWF-Canada and Carolinian Canada protect biodiversity through native plant gardening projects that use technology and good old-fashioned botany to restore wildlife habitat, curb climate change and make our local environments more resilient.

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Episode 16

Trash Talk

Vince and Devan, avid B.C. hikers, got tired of seeing litter in Canada’s iconic parks. So, they fought back and their actions have inspired others to clean up Canada’s parks and public spaces.

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